Booklab II is happy to have collaborated with Nawakum Press again to produce Loom, a collection of wood engravings by Richard Wagener along side poems by Alan Loney. Loom comes in two variants; standard and deluxe. The book is hand sewn on linen tapes laced into a limp paper case of PC4 Blue handmade by Timothy Barrett at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, each book is foil stamped on the spine. The standard variant, of which there are 30 copies, numbered 1-30 and signed by Wagener and Loney, is housed in a slipcase covered in Japanese cloth while the deluxe variant, 16 copies, lettered A-P and signed by artist and poet, is housed in a Japanese cloth covered four-flap enclosure, secured by rare earth magnets. In each of the 16 deluxe variants, a paper chemise holds one of the 16 prints from the book, with no version containing the same print, another print unique to the deluxe variant and comments about the creative process from the artist and the poet.

We are also excited to share a look at the making of Loom shot by David Pascoe of Nawakum Press:

To learn more about Loom or to purchase a copy visit the Nawakum Press website.